Plants vs. Zombies 3
grenade seeded dandelion
grenade seeded dandelion send explosive seeds down three different lanes, one lane at a time.
Sun cost 275
Damage Heavy
Range Multi-Lane
Recharge Mediocre
Range Details can attack targets in the lane above or below
Special may react to certain strong winds
Unlocked final day in normal world
you are still going to blow my seeds of after I tolled you that I'm not magic said the manly grenade seeded dandelion

please for the final time I'm not helping your stupid dreams idiots!

Plants vs. Zombies 3
daffodil send two petal's at a time on three lanes 1 at a time.
Sun cost 550
Damage Heavy each petal
Range very good
Recharge slow
Special may react to certain strong winds
Unlocked upgrade plant above
level 2 has a 50% Chace of using 10 petals on each lane at the same time
I may be a girl but Im very manly just tell me to kill an I will

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